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CS 160: User Interface Design and Development

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Welcome to CS 160 Summer 2022!

CS 160 is the introductory course to the field of Human Computer Interaction (HCI). In this class, students will learn to design, prototype and evaluate user interfaces. Unlike most classes, CS 160 will not focus on any particular set of algorithmic techniques, instead students will learn techniques for user-centered interface design (e.g., prototyping, contextual inquiry, heuristic evaluation etc). This summer, we will learn how to use front-end web development technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) and a backend for prototyping.

The course features two parts: (1) five weeks of curriculum and practice, and (2) three weeks of a final project.

The instructors for this summer’s CS 160 course are Diyah Mettupalli and Shm Almeda, supported by Head TA Timothy Yang.

Upcoming Checkpoints

This is the authoritative list of upcoming deadlines. Come to lecture and check on this list regularly for updates. Readings are due before class on that day. Other assignments are due at midnight Pacific Time on the end of that day.

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Week 1 - Introduction to Design & HCI

(In observance of Juneteenth, this week starts on Tuesday, and Studio class will occur on Friday instead of Monday.)

Week 2 - User Studies + Prototyping

Week 3 - Aesthetics & Evaluation Methods

(In observance of the Fourth of July, there is no class on Monday, so no Studio this week.)

Week 4 - Interviewing

(This week, all lectures will be remote. Studio will still take place in-person.)

Week 5 - Beyond the Screen

Week 6 - Start of Final Project Phase of Course!

SUN 7/24
Final Project Final Project Teams Finalized
MON 7/25
Studio Studio: Usability Testing
TUE 7/26
LectureLecture 13
Reading How Bodies Matter: Five Themes for Interaction Design
WED 7/27
Remote LectureTA Guest Mini-Lectures
Project 4 Project 4 Final Report
THU 7/28
Studio In-Studio Work Session
FRI 7/29
Final Project Milestone 0
Project 44.8 Proof of Participation in Usability Tests Due

Week 7 - Final Project Week 2

MON 8/1
Studio In-Studio Work Session
Final Project Milestone 1 - Formative Research
TUE 8/2
Studio In-Studio Work Session
WED 8/3
Remote LectureSpecial Guest Panel: Careers in HCI, UI/UX, and Web Development
Project 4 Project 4 Final Report
THU 8/4
Studio In-Studio Work Session
FRI 8/5
Final Project Milestone 2 - Prototyping

Week 8 - Final Project Week 3 (Final!)

MON 8/8
Studio In-Studio Work Session
TUE 8/9
Studio In-Studio Work Session
Final Project Milestone 3 - Implementation & Evaluation Due
WED 8/10
Studio In-Studio Work Session
THU 8/11
Studio Presentations and Demos @ 11AM-1:30PM
Final Project Final Project Poster Due 11AM)
FRI 8/12
Final Project Final Project Report and Video Due
Final Project Final Project Peer Evaluation Form Due

Credits for this course

The syllabus, lecture slides, web content, and assignments of this course are only the most recent iterations of a long history of HCI classes. This iteration of the course, at the very least, draws from prior course materials by Nate Weinmann, Janaki Vivrekar, Sarah Sterman, Andrew Head, Amy Pavel, Cesar Torres, Björn Hartmann, Eric Paulos, Valkyrie Savage, Maneesh Agrawala, Scott Klemmer, John Canny, and James Landay.